I usually always have something to say and rarely do words fail me, except now.. for all the RIGHT reasons. My brother was admitted to Casualty on Friday night with critical injuries following a car accident. The moment that I first spoke to the lady at admissions (I apologise Ma'am for I never even took your name) she confirmed that the patient was inbound, to when I called and spoke to the Emergency personnel who gave me as much accurate information as possible, to setting foot in the facility on Sunday, I have no words.Your kindness radiates far beyond the 350km to JHB, the professional nature of every single one of your staff members is directly proportional to the passion each of you have for a patient. The simple touch on my mom’s hand to assure her that her son is doing well, to the handshake and curtsy that you gave my dad when he left, it was all done with a human kindness that is so rare these days. My Dad arrived at the hospital on Friday night and you looked after him, made him aware of everything that was happening from test results to why my brother will only be operated on the next morning. Dr Zulu, Dr Ncube- you are amazing Doctors who I believe are there for the passion of healing people. I wish I could write a letter to someone that would make a difference in each of your lives, the same way you made a difference in the life of my brother and my family.The facility was indicative of the people that work there, clean and without prejudice. Thank you for you reassurance, your kindness, your honesty and most importantly your care and patience with my brother. May God bless each one of you, for you are more than deserving. P.S. My Dad hates a hospital, but he did comment that if he has a cold, he will come to BUSAMED Harrismith.

Once again excellent service. I went to Dr Magopa yesterday and there was somebody at the door to assist me to the dr's rooms. And the doctor and her staff made me feel so welcome. Keep it up, you are Hoogland's biggest competition. Blessings!!!

I was admitted in this hospital on 30 June and the staff members were very professional. I thank Dr Halalisani Zulu for the excellent work he performed and I am now OK.

As my husband mentioned below, I wish to extend my sincere and heartfelt thanks to the emergency personnel and the gate security guard at Busamed Harrismith for the amazing treatment I received on Saturday, 14 July 2018. My nose started to bleed seriously on a trip from Pretoria to Geluksburg on Saturday. I was unable to stop the bleeding and after approximately and hour and a half, my husband looked up the nearest hospital to where we were at Montrose. We were driving in separate vehicles and for logistical reasons, I had to drive myself to Busamed in Harrismith. When I arrived at the boom gate, clutching a cloth to my face that was doing nothing to stem the blood, the treatment I received was outstanding. The security guard whipped open the boom, ran alongside my car, assisted me into the emergency room, without a second’s thought. His attempt to ensure I did not collapse on my way to the emergency, even though I told him I did not want to wait for him to get me a wheelchair, was really wonderful. He went out of his way to help me safely inside.I was rushed through the doors into the emergency rooms and given immediate assistance. Unfortunately, even though everyone introduced themselves, I was not in a state to take much in and I cannot remember a single name. Everyone from the reception, the nurses and other staff were so professional and caring. I am especially grateful to the nurse who assisted me the entire time I was there, he was very concerned and checked up on me continually throughout.

The doctor was there within moments of my arrival; he asked a few pertinent questions and wasted no time in plugging my nose. He was extremely professional and knew exactly what to do, whilst reassuring me throughout the painful procedure, of what and why he was doing it. He took blood test and put me on a drip immediately thereafter to replace fluids in my body. Once the blood tests were available, the doctor explained the results and advised me that the plug would have to remain for at least 24 hours and I would need to see an ENT doctor to further evaluate the situation.When the doctor was sure that my nose bleed had been stabilised and the blood tests indicated that there was no other issue that needed to be addressed regarding my condition, he sent me on my way with a referral for the ENT and a copy of the blood results for the doctor.I returned to Pretoria immediately and went straight to emergency at Unitas Hospital. I was admitted and the ENT examined me and read the referral and blood results. He was extremely complimentary regarding the doctor who had plugged my nose and the thoroughness of the work and blood tests done on me. He confirmed I would need to wait until Monday for the removal of the plug and the nose to be cauterised, the same procedure that the doctor in Harrismith had explained was likely to occur.

The ENT removed the plug on Monday, but discovered that the problem was actually a burst Angular Vein. The ENT advised me that this is not common and he was not expecting that to be the situation in my case, but that the actions of the Harrismith doctor, doing what he did so thoroughly, most probably saved my life. I already completed a questionnaire at Harrismith, and I know I was very complimentary, but, even before I knew the seriousness of my situation, I was intending writing to compliment everyone involved. My husband had arrived a short while after me at Busamed, in his vehicle. We had two puppies with us, and so he had to go in and out of emergency countless times and there were no complaints from the emergency personnel. The same security guard advised my husband where he could park that would be more convenient for him with the dogs.

I cannot say thank you enough for the fantastic treatment I received at Busamed Harrismith. Below I have borrowed from another compliment on your website as I cannot possibly say it better: “the professional nature of every single one of your staff members is directly proportional to the passion each of you have for a patient” “I wish I could write a letter to someone that would make a difference in each of your lives, the same way you made a difference in….” MY LIFE.


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